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Automne 2004

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  Gandit M. (2004) Preuve ou démonstration, un thème pour la formation des enseignants de mathématiques (première partie). Petit x, 65, 36-49
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  Heinze A.; Reiss.K. (2004) The Teaching of Proof at the Lower Secondary Level – a Video Study ZDM 36 (3), pp. 98-104
The following references are taken from :
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Group 4:
Argumentation and proof

Maria Alessandra Mariotti
Kirsti Nordstrom
Christine Knipping
Dietmar Küchemann

The researcher epistemology: a deadlock for educational research on proof.

Balacheff N.

Contribution to the international conference "Understanding Proof and Proving to Understand"
Taipei, 16-19 November 2002.

The Fourth Conference of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME 4) takes place at Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain, on February 17 - 21, 2005. Group 4 is about argumentation and proof. In particular, the following themes will be discussed:
I. The importance of explanation, justification, and proof in mathematics education;
II. Conditions for constructing proofs in mathematics classrooms; and
III. Long-term building of mathematical ideas related to proof construction.
The submission of papers is closed.

Is there a shared meaning of "mathematical proof" among researchers in mathematics education? Almost all researchers may agree on a more or less formal definition of mathematical proof. But beyond that, what is the state of our field? To get a first insight for a possible answer, the author wents through a large number of research papers to figure out whether beyond the keywords we had some common understanding . The result is that it is not the case.

Research Conference

"A Proof Story"

Providence, Rhode Island, United States
16- 18 September 2004

Publication: "Argumentation et disciplines scolaires"

coordonné par
Jacques Douaire

The conference A "Proof Story" Across the Grades: Building a Collaborative on the Teaching and Learning of Proof in K-16 brought together an international group of researchers who are currently active in the study of proof at the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels, and began a research collaborative that aims to coordinate individual and collective research programs in the teaching and learning of mathematical proof across grades K-16.

To

En relation avec le colloque "Argumentation et disciplines scolaires" (Lyon 7, 8 et 9 Octobre 2004 les travaux de la recherche INRP «Argumentation et démonstration dans les débats et discussion en classe»" font l'objet de la publication parue cet été "Argumentation et disciplines scolaires".

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Nuevo editor en Castellano

I am happy to announce that the Newsletter has a new collaborator: Philippe Richard, from the University of Montréal, has agreed to serve as the "Editor en Castellano".

On behalf of the Proof Newsletter editorial board, and I think I can express the feelings of all the readers, I want to thank Patricio Herbst who beared this responsibility since the creation of the newsletter, in 1997. Patricio will continue to contribute as a member of the "Advisory board".


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La lettre de la Preuve


ISSN 1292-8763