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To the reader ...

This site comprises three principal parts:

The Newsletter on Proof , which is a newsletter published every other month, dedicated to the theme of the teaching and learning of proof in mathematics. This newsletter mainly contains bibliographical information, not only references to new material, but also old references pointed out by readers which do not appear in the bibliographical portion of the site. Also announced are events, conferences, seminars and workshops devoted to the theme of proof in mathematics or having sessions on this theme.
   At the time of each issue a text in three languages (French, English and Castilian) presents a position, a summary or a result on some aspect of the teaching or the learning of proof. Readers are invited to respond with their reactions or commentaries, which will then be published in the following newsletters.

The bibliographical site, which is a collection of references on research on learning and teaching of mathematical proof. The main part of this bibliography consists of books, chapters of books and articles published in journals, all of which are available through ordinary distribution, and of theses. The works collected arise in general from didactique of mathematics; certain references refer to computer environments for human learning.
   Appendices contain references assembled chiefly from publications of the IREM's, those of the international group of PME, and a certain number of colloquium communications.
   Some sets of references, for the moment limited, give access to resources in domains which might illuminate research on learning and teaching of proof: history of mathematics and epistemology, psychology, computer science and artificial intelligence, linguistics and the analysis of discourse, sociology and finally the memoirs and reflections of mathematicians.

Some texts are available on-line, while others are represented by a summary or an analysis of their content. A clickable icon indicates which is the case:

indicates that the text is available on-line

indicates that an analysis of the text is available on-line

indicates that a summary of the text is available on-line

In the older versions of the Newsletter on Proof, the availability of a text on-line is indicated by the icon . If the e-mail address of the author is known, it is indicated by the icon of an envelope which may be clicked to send e-mail to the author. (In the future a directory of authors will be put on-line. It will permit contact with authors not available by e-mail.)

The doctoral course which corresponds to a course of study given in the DEA for Didactique of scientific disciplines at the University Joseph Fourier of Grenoble until 1999, and now given as part of the mathematical specialty module in the pre-doctoral program entitled "Computer Environments for Human Learning and Didactique." The final editing of this course has not yet been completed. Readers interested in an announcement of the on-line version, which should appear in the first semester of 2000, should write to Nicolas Balacheff by e-mail.

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La lettre de la Preuve


ISSN 1292-8763