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Proof in the curriculum


Maria Alessandra Mariotti

Contributions of John Mason and Jack Abramsky

Last fall (4 - 6 October 2001) the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in England hosted an international seminar on the theme:
Reasoning, explanation and proof in school mathematics and their place in the intended curriculum.
The purpose of the seminar was to share experiences with colleagues from different countries and to explore the dynamic between the intended curriculum in algebra and geometry -particularly with respect to reasoning, explanation and proof - and pupils' real classroom experiences of these areas of mathematics.

To

Méthodes de contre-exemples : une proposition.

André Antibi


Proving in Mathematics: from school to university

Celia Hoyles

Exposé au Séminaire National de didactique des mathématiques. Paris (23 et 24 mars 2002).
Les problèmes de recherche de contre-exemples sont considérés comme difficiles par les étudiants et les enseignants.Cette méthode est basée sur deux points forts :- le rétrécissement d'ensemble, - l'utilisation de " célébrités ". L'objectif de cette méthode n'est certainement pas de fournir une "recette " pour résoudre tous les problèmes de contre-exemples. Cette méthode peut permettre à l'élève de mener une recherche
intéressante.Une place plus importante pourrait alors être réservée à ce type de problèmes dans notre enseignement. Ces problèmes pourraient jouer un rôle intéressant pour l'évaluation des idées et
des démarches de recherche de l'élève.


In march 2002 C. Hoyles was leading a workshop on proof. This was a seminar and discussion, focussing on proof. Prof. Hoyles gave the 2002 CSSME Annual Lecture on: "Improving proving : insights from a longitudinal study of students' mathématical reasoning"
In her talk Professor Hoyles discussed factors that influence students' mathematical reasoning as identified in a large scale nation-wide survey in which several schools from Leeds are taking part. She gave examples of
how students made progress in mathematical reasoning between the ages of 13 to 14 years and use case study data of selected schools and students to present ideas for helping students to come to appreciate the complexities of proving in school mathematics.



Proof and argumentation at the NCTM's Annual Meeting

19-21 April - Harrah's Las Vegas



Perspectives of empirical research on proving, justifying and arguing in teaching and learning of mathematics



 The Role of Argumentation in Mathematics Classrooms
Organizer/Presenter : J. Whitenack
The presenters will address using argumentation theory as a methodological tool to interpret classroom events and how argumentation theory can be used to account for students' collective mathematical activity over an extended period of time. Reno, Harrah's

Functions, Rates, and Proof: The Situated Knowledge of Early Career Secondary School Mathematics Teachers
Organizer/Presenter : L. Romagnano
What do secondary school teachers know about mathematics, and how does that knowledge develop across the many contexts of teacher preparation and full-time teaching? Participants in this session will explore both answers as well as new questions raised by an analysis of longitudinal data. Lake Tahoe, Harrah's

The 12th International Conference on
Field Programmable Logic and Application

September 2-4, 2002
Montpellier (La Grande-Motte) - France


 This conference on Field Programmable Logic (FPL) will be held at the conference center of La Grande Motte, France in 2002. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum to exchange ideas on all aspect of FPL.


Moderated Section with T. Dreyfus, G. Krummheuer and K. Reiss; Moderation: A. Heinze, C. Knipping. In the Annual Conference of Didatics of mathematics, in Klagenfurt 2002 (home page in German)

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Picture proof

Oliver Byrne's edition of Euclid



 He present...
«An unusual and attractive edition of Euclid was published in 1847 in England, edited by an otherwise unknown mathematician named Oliver Byrne. It covers the first 6 books of Euclid's Elements of Geometry, which range through most of elementary plane geometry and the theory of proportions. What distinguishes Byrne's edition is that he attempts to present Euclid's proofs in terms of pictures, using as little text - and in particular as few labels - as possible. What makes the book especially striking is his use of colour. Incidentally, at the time of its publication the first 6 books, which are the ones concerrned with plane geometry, made up the basic mathematics curriculum for many students.»

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