Automne 2015

Publications 2015

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Topic Study Groups 18 at ICME-13

Reasoning and proof in mathematics education
Hamburg, Germany July 24-31, 2016

A Topic Study Group about proof is included at the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13).

Guershon Harel (USA)
Andreas Stylianides (UK)

There is international recognition of the importance of reasoning and proof in students’ learning of mathematics at all levels of education, and of the difficulties met by students and teachers in this area. A rapidly expanding body of research has offered important insights into this area, but there are still many open questions for which theoretical and empirically based responses are sorely needed. TSG 18 will offer a forum for an overview of the state of the art, invited contributions from experts in the field, presentation of high-quality, research reports from TSG participants, and discussion of directions for future research. Deadline for the Submission of Papers and Posters: 15 Ottobre 2015.

Univers Mathématiques

ESPE de Nice Célestin Freinet, Centre Stephen Liégeard
16 & 17 novembre 2015, 9h-18h

Cinquièmes Journées Enseignement et Science-Fiction de l’ESPE de Nice Célestin Freine

Dans le programme: Penser les mathématiques
- Jean Dhombres (EHESS) “ Que pense-t-on quand on affirme l’inutilité de la géométrie? Le contre-exemple du carré inscrit dans un triangle ”
- Claude Lobry (UNS) “User des mathématiques comme du roman”
- Pascal J. Thomas (IMT Toulouse) “Mathématiques, code et langage”

Pour en savoir plus: Programme Univers Mathénatiques

INDRUM 2016: First conference of the International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics

First INDRUM Conference,
March 31 – April 2, 2016, Montpellier, France.

INDRUM 2016 is the first in a series of biennial and bilingual1conferences that will address all aspects of research in didactics of mathematics at tertiary level, including students' and teachers' practices and the teaching and learning of specific mathematical topics. The conference aims to attract researchers in didactics of mathematics at university level, mathematicians and any teacher or researcher with interest in university mathematics education

TWG2 is about Teaching and learning of topics in university mathematics, including logic, reasoning and proof Deadline for submission of papers or of poster proposals is November 20.

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