Eté 2012

Publications 2012

Mueller, M., Yankelewitz, D. and Maher, C. (2012) A framework for analyzing the collaborative construction of arguments and its interplay with agencyEducational Studies in Mathematics 80/3, 369-387

Yang, K-L. (2012) Structures of cognitive and metacognitive reading strategy use for reading comprehension of geometry proofEducational Studies in Mathematics, 80/3, 307-326

Robotti, E. (2012) Natural language as a tool for analyzing the proving process: the case of plane geometry proofEducational Studies in Mathematics, 80/3, 433-450

Dongwon Kim and Mi-Kyung Ju. (2012) A changing trajectory of proof learning in the geometry inquiry classroomZDM The International Journal of Mathematics Education 44/2, 149-160

Samkoff, A., Lai, Y. & Weber K. (2012) On the different ways that mathematicians use diagrams in proof constructionResearch in Mathematics Education 14/1, 49-67

Inglis, M., Alcock, L. (2012) Expert and Novice Approaches to Reading Mathematical Proofs Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 43/4, 358

Thompson D.R, Senk S.L., and Johnson G.J (2012) Opportunities to Learn Reasoning and Proof in High School Mathematics Textbooks Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 43/3, 253

CERME 8, WG 1: Argumentation and proof

Side-Antalya, Turkey
2012, February 6-10

The 8th Conference of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME 8) will take place in Manavgat-Side, Antalya, Turkey on February, 6-10. The Working session of Group 1 offers a stimulating forum for researchers interested in the field of argumentation and proof.

Leaders Viviane Durand-Guerrier (France)
Samuele Antonini (Italy) - Kirsten Pfeiffer (Ireland) – Gabriel Stylianides (United Kingdom)
Scope and Focus of WG1 Papers presented in the last ERME Conferences illustrate the great variety of approaches to research in this field, offering a wide spectrum of perspectives, intertwining educational issues with explicit references to mathematical, logical, historical, philosophical, epistemological, psychological, curricular, anthropological or sociological issues. The richness of diversity gave the participants the opportunity of a fruitful discussion, stimulating not only the interest of comparison but also the curiosity of undertaking a possible integration and the need of enhancing the development of international collaborations.

Deadline for submission of papers: 15 September 2012

Deadline for submission of poster proposals : 1 october 2012

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ICME 12, TGS 14: Reasoning, proof and proving in mathematics education

Coex, Seoul, Korea
July 8th to 15th, 2012

The TSG 31 organizing committee is co-­‐chaired by  Maria Alessandra Mariotti (Italy), Stéphane Cyr (Canada) with team members Andreas Stylianides (UK), Viviane Durand-­‐ Guerrier (France), Youngmee Koh (Korea), Kirsti Hemmi (Sweden).

According to the topics addressed by the papers accepted we identified four main themes to which each paper and poster may be related.
Theme 1 : Conception of proof from different theoretical perspective
Theme 2: Proof in the classroom: the role of the teacher.
Theme 3: Evaluation of proofs
Theme 4: Curriculum and materials
Each of the four 90-minute sessions (July 10, 11, 13, and 14) will be devoted to one of these themes. 

Here you can find the timetable and the list of contributions to the TSG 31.

Editorial Board

Editors-in-chief – Bettina Pedemonte, Maria-Alessandra Mariotti
Associate Editors – Orly Buchbinder, Kirsti Hemmi, Mara Martinez
Redactor – Bettina Pedemonte
Scientific Board – Nicolas Balacheff, Paolo Boero, Daniel Chazan, Raymond Duval, Gila Hanna, Guershon Harel, Patricio Herbst, Celia Hoyles, Erica Melis, Michael Otte, Philippe Richard, Yasuhiro Sekiguchi, Michael de Villiers, Virginia Warfield